Mission of Fair Work Helpers

Fair Work Helpers deal with work place disputes and are specialist in the Fair work Act 2009. We have been in the industry for over 10 years and are passionate in Industrial Relations Law. We specialise with Immigrants, Non-English-speaking background, VISA employees and International Students. This will not affect your visa or migration status in any way and we will explain it to you when you ask. Fair Work Helpers help vulnerable employees pursue outstanding monies and entitlements that they are owed by their employers. Entitlements includes Underpayment of Wages, Non-Payment of Wages, Unauthorised Deductions, Allowances, Annual Leave, Sick Leave, Overtime entitlements, Redundancy, Public Holidays, Penalty Rates, Parental Leave, Long Service Leave, JobKeeper payment, Superannuation, Commission and Unpaid Invoices. We can help with all these matters, providing excellent customer service while always keeping you in the loop with live updates. Our ‘NO WIN, NO PAY’ payment promise is what separates Fair Work Helpers from the competition. Please contact us if you have any enquiries and please let us know if you need a Translator. We are always happy to help. We can help you anywhere in Australia so contact us today.

Fair Work Helpers: Assisting you with work troubles, wages, money $$$.

FWH assist Immigrants, Migrants, VISA employees, International Students, Non-English-speaking background employees.

  • Experts on the Fair Work Act 2009 – National Employment Standards
  • Excellent success rate in getting the Employer to commit to paying you your outstanding monies.
  • We help Immigrants, Non-English-speaking background, VISA employees and International Students.
  • Unpaid wages, Underpayments, Deductions, Annual & Sick Leave, Overtime, Redundancy and Public Holiday.
  • Penalty rates, Parental Leave, Long Service, JobKeeper, Superannuation, Commission, Invoices and Allowances.

Contact Fair Work Helpers on 0432621689 if you are on a VISA, an International Student, Immigrant, Migrant or have a Non-English-speaking background and your boss/ ex-boss owes you money. We are experts of the Fair Work Act 2009 (cth). We will represent you – No win, no fee guarantee. So, call FWH today, it’s always worth fighting for your work place rights and monies.

About us

 About us (caring for vulnerable employees and reasons to start business- help people that need it most, you)

Fair Work Helpers (FWH) was established with the purpose to represent and serve the people that need it most. We are professional representatives that are experts of the Fair Work Act 2009. Upon research it was discovered that vulnerable employees require not only guidance and advice, but actually needed a Professional to help them. Vulnerable employees we define are VISA employees, International Students, Migrants, Immigrants and Non-English speak background. Legal fees cost too much so that restricted individuals to take civil action and did not bother pursuing their employer anymore, proven too difficult and costly. So Fair Work Helpers aim is to represent vulnerable employees and make it affordable ‘No win, No Pay’ to get our clients what they are owed. FWH is understanding and tailor the language to be easy to understand for all parties. With more than ten years’ experience in the Industrial Relations sector, you can count on us to help you.


Once you have agreed for Fair Work Helpers (FWH) to represent you, FWH will contact your Employer and explain what and how much is owed to you. FWH will contact with your Employer via email (you will be copied into the email) and phone. Once your Employer has been educated, FWH will make sure the Employer pays FWH, then we will transfer the money to you, once the Deed of Release is signed. If Employer still does not pay after being contacted by FWH’s representative, then we may fill out Court applications and refer Legal contacts for you.

Price- no win no pay

if successful 25%

There is a ‘No win, no pay’ policy that we have here at Fair Work Helpers (FWH), so YES, that means if the Employer refuses to meet his legal obligations and not pay, then it will not cost you anytime. There is a one-off representative fee of 25% of the recovery with no hidden cost.

Contact Us

Fair Work Helpers (FWH) can be contacted at any time, we operate 24/7. If you are required to leave a message or Email, we guarantee to get back to you within ten hours.

Mobile Phone: 0432 621 689


Customer’s comments

“Fair Work Helpers got me my money and gave me the best service you can ask for. FWH represent me like professionals, highly recommended.”

Fair Work Helpers Customer